Topienie Marzanny 23 Września

23 września tematem zajęć w polskiej szkole było pożegnanie zimy i powitanie wiosny. Najpierw dzieci obejrzaly filmy o tradycji Marzanny po czym zabraly się do zrobienia jej. Marzanna, ubrana i udekorowana przez naszych najmłodszych, została przeniesiona przez dzieci do ogrodu i utopiona w baseniku.

On Saturday, 23 September, the children from the Polish community in Hamilton celebrated the old tradition of Marzanna. The celebration originates from a pagan custom that has been documented since the 10th century. In Poland, where the winter can be harsh and long, people eagerly await the arrival of spring. Marzana, the winter witch, is traditionally made of straw, carried around the villages, burned and finally drowned in a nearby river or lake. The celebration usually takes place on the first day of northern hemisphere spring- 21 September – and announces the arrival of spring, rebirth, new crops and warmer temperatures.
The effigy of Marzanna, made of straw and fully dressed was created by our children at the Fairfield Community Centre, where Polish classes are held every month. The classes are not only focused on language learning, but also teaching the old traditions and customs to our youngest generation.